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Lifco's How to cook

This is my first ever cookbook and the best for a beginner to cook South Indian food. This book written by Mrs Vedavalli Venkatachary is published by LIFCO.

An all vegetarian cook book, the recipes are neatly classified into

1. Kuzhambu varieties
2. Kootu varieties
3. Rasam varieties
4. Vegetable curries and salads
5. Pachadi varieties
6. Thuvaiyal varieties
7. Payasam varieties
8. Podis
9. Rice varieties
10. Tiffin varieties
11. Chutneys and other side dishes
12. Savouries
13. Sweet varieties
14. Sundal varieties
15. Pickles
16. Vatrals and vadams
17. Chips
18. Squashes and jellies
19. Medicinal recipes

If you want to perfect the art of making South Indian food, go for this..

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