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How to add a Linkwithin button to your blog

Linkwithin button helps the reader to see related posts. To add this to your blog, go to You will come to this page.

Enter your email address, blog address, blogging platform and the number of suggestions you want to the widget to on "Get widget".. this window opens up..

How to add a "Subscribe via email" button with Feedburner

Visitors to your blog need not be bloggers and so they may find it difficult to stay updated with your blog posts. "Subscribe via email" feature allows the readers to register their email id with feedburner so that they receive a mail everytime you post something new..Once they provide their email id, they just have to verify using the link sent to their mailbox and they will start receiving updates...

Here is the process that the blogger has to follow to add this feature..........

You need to have a Feedburner account activated for this--

1. Go to


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