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60 Great Recipes for your baby by Roma Sharma

Roma sharma has come up with this interesting e-book titled 60 great recipes for your baby. Most of the first time mothers have tons of queries relating to what food the kid needs to be given after the phase of breast feeding. This ebook would help them give the right kind of food and has also varieties that wouldnt make food boring for the kid.
The book has segments based on the age group of the kid.
Phase 1: 6-7 months where solids are introduced
Phase 2: 8-9 months
Phase 3: 10-12 months
Phase 4: Above 12 months

The recipes involve traditional ingredients like dal, ragi etc as suggested by our elders and also modern day ingredients like oats and cheese that are healthy. The recipes cover almost all the nutritious food like sprouts, fruits, vegetables with greens in particular, nuts and calcium rich food like paneer. There is also a seperate chart as to the fruits that can be introduced to the baby at various stages.

She also shares some tips on how the kid can be introduced to a new food variety, developing good eating habits for the kids and dealing with a fussy eater to name a few.

There is seperate section on home remedies for common ailments among kids and what needs to be done or avoided during such time.
Each and every recipe has a small description about the recipe, the variations possible, the nutritional facts and additional notes too.

There are also a few recipes that can would be convenient to carry along during travel.

My personal favourite recipes are
Instant kichdi mix for travelling in Stage 1
Mini fried idlis for Stage 2
Teething biscuits for Stage 3
Paneer fingers for above 12 months.

Overall this book is a must for all those first time mothers who feel their kid should get the best food in their initial and most important growing years.

You can buy the e-book here

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