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Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Devagi Sanmugam

Guest author: Sudha of Malaysian Delicacies

I do have a few cookbooks to credit but when it comes to vegetarian dishes than its Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Devagi Sanmugam,by Periplus Publication .

Its a book with vegetarian recipes and can be easily purchased in Malaysia at Popular Bookshop, MPH Bookshop or online.The author, Devaki Sanmugam is a Singaporean and has about 17 cookbooks to her credit. Those who are interested to buy this book or any of her other cookbooks can order it at Epicurean Worldvia online.

In this collection of over 30 recipes, home cooks are introduced to a variety of different types of dishes. There is a step-by-step photographs explaining how to make home-made Indian Cottage Cheese.

The recipes are classified into:

Curried vegetables
Rice varieties

I have tried out most of the recipes and definitely will recommend to all of you. This book is suitable for those who have a slight knowledge on the basic of cooking. If you want some new food ideas then this book is for you.

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