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U.B.Rajalakshmi's Udipi cuisine

Published by Prism books pvt ltd, this book has 180 traditional recipes and details about the customs, specialities and interesting facts about the Udipi Brahmins. The recipes are classified as

1. From Uppinakai
2. Cool Tamblis
3. Saaru..Koddel
4. Khara Bhakshya
5. Sihi Bhakshya
6. Paayasa
7. Vrata Preparations
8. Special items
9. Jackfruit..Colacasia special
10. Shyaavige..Kadubu
11. Paanaka..Kashaayas
12. Aposhana
13. Utensils
14. Kitchen Revolutions

For simple and traditional recipes from the Temple town of Udipi, this book is too good.

My contribution to the WYF:Cookbook event

1 comment:

Sukshma said...

It's a great book especially for satvik dishes...... only a brief English translation of the names of the dishes in the index would be more helpful, especially for people like me who don't know a word of Kannadda/Tulu. You can't tell what the main ingredient is unless you look through the actual recipe and that can be cumbersome, if you're in a hurry.

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