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Creating a Facebook page and adding a like button widget

This widget is one of the popular ones related to Facebook on blogs..To have one, you must first have a facebook id.

After logging in to FB, there are two ways to creating a page..

First method --

Login to facebook

Locate the "Ads and Pages" button on the left side bar

Clicking on it opens up the below page --

Click on "facebook page" in the center as shown by the arrow..

Click on "create a page" button..

After this the steps are common for both the methods ..So lets look into the second method also and then the common steps

Second method --

In case you are not able to locate "Ads and Pages" on the sidebar,  go to Login with your facebook id and password.

After login the page opens up

Click on "create page"..

From now onwards the steps are common for both the methods

The page that opens up is

Select the appropriate option under official page and provide name for your page. click on the option if you are the official representative of the page..

Click on "create official page".

A small window opens up asking for on "create page"

Your page is created..You can now fill in more details like providing details of your blog, adding picture, inviting friends etc..

To add a widget on your blog suggesting readers to "Like" your page..scroll down the page under the "getting started" option..

Click on "Like button" option

Enter the url of your facebook page under "facebook page url"

Change other columns as required and you can see the preview after every change in the side box.

Finally click on "Get code" and a window opens up with the code.

Copy the code and open blogger..Go to design tab and click on "add a gadget". Select "HTML" option and paste the code there. Save. If you wish to you can change the location of the widget on the blog.

Click save and its done.

It appears on your blog like this --

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