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"Sukham ayu" by Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain

pic courtesy: Pritya

Sukham Ayu - Jigyasa and Pratibha's second venture after Cooking with Pedatha won the second place as the Best health and Nutrition book in the world during 2009. It is a perfect book for a layman to incorporate ayurveda in the day to day food. There are more than 60 vegetarian recipes classified in different categories that are simple to make and nutritious at the same time. So the reader can look forward to Nutritious, tasty and simple recipes in the book.

The collection of recipes are based on the research done by the authors with Dr. Prakash Kalmadi at KARE (Kerala Ayurvedic Research and Rejuvenation establishment) near Pune. It calls for ingredients that are mostly available in the kitchen and the bright pictures just make the recipes more attractive. The focus is the help the reader understand what type of food would suit the person digestive system and constitution.

Looking into the book-

a) There is information that relates self to ayurveda before every recipe category

1. Identification of constitution of body

2. Relation of self with the pancha mahabhuta or five elements

3. Essence of food

4. Food and seasons

5. Food compatibility

6. Food and mind

7. Eating with ayurvedic insights

8. A ready kitchen

b) The first recipe of every category is always a home style kind

c) A small column in every recipe bring outs some interesting fact about the recipe or the ingredients used there

d) There is a meal planner and food guide that indicates which food would suit which kind of constitution and in what quantities

Although all the recipes in every segment have some interesting additions, the best according to me have been named out -

1. Sweet platter

Dates kheer and Coconut burfi with beetroots are quite interesting..The healthier the better

2.Ladle of Soopa

Among the recipes the spicy ginger-lemon soopa sounds good.

3. Vegetable Medley

Look out for the interesting ways to cook vegetables like bittergourd and greens.

4. Pulses of Health

Some dal recipes again with vegetables like bittergourd and bottlegourd that are usually not added to dals.

5. Indian bread basket

The red pumpkin poori recipe is the interesting one of the lot and all of the recipes have used cow ghee for cooking and deepfrying. Ayurveda tells that every food is good only if taken in limitations.

6. Rice bowl

Soya pulao and Goda masala pulav look very tempting among the rice varieties

7. Snack time

Yam cutlets and millet dosa are good variations to the usual potato cutlet and rice dosas.

8. Chutneys, Salads and Beverages

Spice tea, Brahmi chutney and a variety of vegetable and fruit juices fascinate me.

Overall, a must buy for all those aiming at healthier living

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