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How do you promote your blog

Promoting the blog the right way is the key to success in blogging. Few tips for new bloggers to popularize their blog..

1. Firstly the content of the blog is very important. Make sure you post quality content. Remember "Content is KING".

2. Post regularly on the blog. Try to post frequently, but remember that unless the quality of content is good, there is no point in being regular.

3.. Visit other blogs belonging to the same area of interest and post comments. There are high chances that the blogger will visit your blog.

4. Join blogroll and other blog aggregators related to your field

5. Promote your blog through various blog search engines and other community sites like orkut, facebook, twitter

6. Add your blog address to your signature in mails and as status in chat messengers

7. Keep your blog layout simple yet attractive so that it gets loaded quickly.

8. Use simple language for a layman to understand. Try to improve your writing skills.

9. Add links of other blogs belonging to the same field..There are chances that you get back a link to your blog there in return.

10. The first few seconds are most important in making the viewer decide if he wants to continue reading your blog or move on to some other site. Make your blog attractive and if possible add some good photographs related to your content.

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