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Important widgets for your blog

Once your blog is ready, make sure you add these widgets to your blog

1. The html code to track the number of visitors, their activites on the blog through any free site like statcounter, google analyticals

2. Followers tab to help viewers easily bookmark your site

3. Archives widget or Menu card

4. Labels widget

5. Google search widget

6. A short description about yourself in "About Me"

7. Links to your other blogs if any

Optional -

1. Recent comments

2. Popular pages

3. Blogroll

4. Slide show of the pictures

5. Poll


Sapna Pratap said...


I am new to the blogging world. I am trying to add about me gadget to my blog , but it shows the google+ profile, which i am not interested in showing. I would like to link the gadget to my post. could you please help me with this.

EC said...

Sapna I think it is automatically connected to a single profile on google i doubt if there is any other way out for this

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