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100 Easy recipes with Oats by Mallika Badrinath

Author : Mrs Mallika Badrinath
Publisher: Pradeep Enterprises

The latest offering from the popular South Indian cookery book author, this book focuses on use of the healthy cereal oats in various Indian recipes. The recipes are all vegetarian and oats has been included as a variation in South Indian recipes.

The book starts with introduction to oats, health benefits and other general information about oats. The recipes have been classified as -

1. Breakfast recipes
2. Soups
3. Sweets
4. Luncheon recipes
5. Snacks
6. Other recipes

Almost all the recipes in the book require ingredients that are normally used in day to day cooking. If you have been one who thought that oats can be consumed only as porridge, this book is definetely one you should own.

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