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Quick and easy Kids Cakes by Sara Lewis

Publisher : Hamlyn
Author : Sara Lewis

The book is a treasure house of ideas for cake decorations. There are about 50 cake ideas for kids of all ages. The book covers a lot of information and detailing on the icing and frosting part rather than cake recipes.

Segments :

1. Equipments - Information relating to all the basic equipments that one needs to bake all the different kinds of cakes given in the book and about lining the cake tins.

2. Cake recipes : About 6 basic recipes for cakes..all of them made with eggs.

3. Icings and fillings : Recipes to prepare different types of icing

4. Techniques : Focuses on using icings, basic methods to prepare cake boards and covering cakes with icings.

5. Finishing touches : Decorations with icing shapes and piping bags and other ideas for cake decorations

6. Tiny Tots : Cake decorations for little ones

7. Older kids : Decoration ideas for a bit elder kids

8. Animal magic : Creating different types of animals decorations of cakes

9. Seasonal treats : For special occassions

 If you like baking cakes and decorating them, this one is a sure buy. 

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