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Best of Indian Sweets and Desserts by Aroona Reejhsinghani

Author : Aroona Reejhsinghani
Publisher: Jaico publishing house

The book covers sweet varieties from various parts of India. Although there are no pictures of the dish, there are lot of recipes classified according to the states..

1. Explanation of cooking terms
2. Cooking glossary
3. Food colours
4. Helfpful hints
5. Uttar pradesh
6. Bihar
7. Rajasthan
8. Goa
9. Kashmir
10. Kerala
11. Tamilnadu
12. Kanara
13. Mangalore
14. Mysore
15. Andhra
16. Hyderabad
17. Punjab and Haryana
18. Orissa
19. Bengal
20. Maharashtra
21. Gujarat
22. Parsi
23. Sindhi

If homemade sweets are an integral part of your food, this book would definetely serve the purpose of exploring the sweet varieties prepared all over India.

100 Easy recipes with Oats by Mallika Badrinath

Author : Mrs Mallika Badrinath
Publisher: Pradeep Enterprises

The latest offering from the popular South Indian cookery book author, this book focuses on use of the healthy cereal oats in various Indian recipes. The recipes are all vegetarian and oats has been included as a variation in South Indian recipes.

The book starts with introduction to oats, health benefits and other general information about oats. The recipes have been classified as -

1. Breakfast recipes
2. Soups
3. Sweets
4. Luncheon recipes
5. Snacks
6. Other recipes

Almost all the recipes in the book require ingredients that are normally used in day to day cooking. If you have been one who thought that oats can be consumed only as porridge, this book is definetely one you should own.

Dals and Kadhi by Sanjeev Kapoor

Author :Sanjeev Kapoor
Publisher : Popular Prakasan Pvt ltd

The pictures in the book are the main attraction and one is sure to get lost in them as in every Sanjeev Kapoor's cook book..

There is a small one line introduction to each of the recipes. As the name suggests it covers only dals and kadhis as prepared in various parts of India.

The book would be useful to those for whom dals or kadhi are an essential part of the food each day.

100 Vegetarian gravies by Mallika Badrinath

Author : Mrs Mallika Badrinath
Publisher : Pradeep Enterprises

The book has a collection of 100 recipes that serve as a side dish for various Indian cuisines. The gravies includes South Indian as well as North Indian ones.

There are also a few baked recipes as side dishes. Apart from the recipes, there are a some tips for making gravy tastier, preparation tomato paste for preserving, making and deep frying paneer, caramelising sugar and preparation of garam masala as required for the recipes. Variations to the recipes have been mentioned wherever possible.

Cook and See (Samaithu par ) - 4 by Priya Ramkumar

The book is a continuation of the famous series Samaithu par by Meenakshi ammal. The collection of recipes in the book is completely different from its earlier books. The categories are :

1. Soup varieties
2. Salads, Shakes and Juices
3. Quick Big bites
4. Rotis
5. Side dishes
6. Yummy snacks
7. Rice varieties
8. Pickles, Chutneys and Raita
9. Sweets and Desserts

The book is a combination of traditional as well as modern recipes and lives up to the popularity of the earlier books.

100 Murukkus and Mixtures by Mallika Badrinath

Author : Mrs Mallika Badrinath
Publisher : Pradeep Enterprises

The book has a collection of 100 varieties of Murukkus (Chaklis ) and Mixtures..among the most popular savouries of Indians.

Apart from the recipes, there are points to remember in preparation of the dough and mistakes that should be avoided while making these savouries.

Also there is a pictorial representation of the discs and cooking implementsfor these savouries.

The book has a good collection of recipes for those who like savouries for tea time snacks and is specially useful during festivals.

Quick and easy Kids Cakes by Sara Lewis

Publisher : Hamlyn
Author : Sara Lewis

The book is a treasure house of ideas for cake decorations. There are about 50 cake ideas for kids of all ages. The book covers a lot of information and detailing on the icing and frosting part rather than cake recipes.

Segments :

1. Equipments - Information relating to all the basic equipments that one needs to bake all the different kinds of cakes given in the book and about lining the cake tins.

2. Cake recipes : About 6 basic recipes for cakes..all of them made with eggs.

3. Icings and fillings : Recipes to prepare different types of icing

4. Techniques : Focuses on using icings, basic methods to prepare cake boards and covering cakes with icings.

5. Finishing touches : Decorations with icing shapes and piping bags and other ideas for cake decorations

6. Tiny Tots : Cake decorations for little ones

7. Older kids : Decoration ideas for a bit elder kids

8. Animal magic : Creating different types of animals decorations of cakes

9. Seasonal treats : For special occassions

 If you like baking cakes and decorating them, this one is a sure buy. 

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