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100 Chutney varieties by Mallika Badrinath

Chutneys, chutneys and chutneys..Like the name suggests, this book from Mallika Badrinath, published by Pradeep Enterprises has 100 varieties of chutney recipes. Also, there are suggestions as to which dish these chutneys would go with..

The chutneys are classified into -

1. Coconut chutney varieties
2. Onion based chutney varieties
3. Coriander chutney varieties
4. Mint chutney varieties
5. Garlic chutney varieties
6. Dal chutney varieties
7. Other chutney varieties
8. Tomato chutney varieties
9. Vegetable chutney varieties
10. Kothsu varieties
11. Sweet chutney varieties

If you wish to never run out of varieties in Chutneys, this book will surely help you.

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My cooking experiments said...

A very useful information.I am fascinated by her cooking.Will try and get it when i go to India this time.

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