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100 Soya foods by Mallika Badrinath

This book published by Pardeep Enterprises and written by the popular South Indian cookbook writer Mallika Badrinath is related to the growing inclusion of soya in various recipes over the years. The health benefits of soya in treating common health problems cannt be denied.

The categories in this book are -

1. Tiffin varieties
2. Masala and gravy varieties
3. Deep fried snacks
4. Dry curries
5. Sambar varieties
6. Mixed rice and biriyani varieites
7. Soups
8. Chutney and salad varieties
9. Sweets
10. Cakes and biscuits
11. Other preparations

A wide variety of recipes, nutritional information about soya, how it helps in treating diseases, various soya product details, article on inclusion of soya in everyday cooking, ways to cook soya so as to prevent gas problems and indigestion--this book has it all..

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