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An award and a Meme

Thanks PJ for this lovely award and Meme

Here is the meme part:

Where is ur cell phone : Other room
Ur hair: Black
Ur mother: RC
Ur father: RS
Ur fav food: Sweets
Ur dream last night: Playing with nieces
Ur fav drink: Lemon juice
Ur dream: Learning all Crafts
Ur hobby: Crafts, cooking, blogging
Ur fear:Dogs
Where do u want to be in 6 yrs: Anywhere
Where were u last night: Home
Where did u grow up: Mumbai
Last thing u did: Had icecream
Ur t.v: On
Ur pets: I hate pets
Ur friends: Very few
Ur life: Satisfied
Ur mood: Happy
Missing some one: Family
Vehicle: No
Something u r not wearing: Watch
Ur fav store: Nothing specific
Ur fav color: Blue
When was the last time u laughed: Some mins ago
Last time u cried: Yesterday
Ur best friend: My hubby
One place I go over and over: Malls
One person who emails me regularly: Lot of them
Fav place to eat: Sitting on the floor

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