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100 South Indian microwave recipes by Mallika Badrinath

Whether Microwave is a boon or harmful when used extensively in cooking, the use of microwaves have been only increasing over the years..If you love South Indian food and use your microwave for cooking too apart from reheating, then this book has lot of recipes for you to try which otherwise you would try only on the stove top.

The categories are -

1. Soups and Rasam
2. Tiffin varieties
3. Rice delights
4. Gravies and curries
5. Snacks
6. Porial and dry curries
7. Chutney and pickle
8. Sambar varieties
9. Sweets

Overall, a complete recipe list of the basic South Indian cuisine from Mallika Badrinath, published by Pardeep Enterprises

Zero oil Dal-Chawal by Tarla Dalal

A part of the Total Health mini series, this book authored by Tarla dalal is published by Sanjay & Co. One among the Zero oil cookbook series, the book attempts to do away with the oil content in the daily food without compromising on the taste.

Categories in the book -

1. Pulao and Biriyani
2. Khichdi
3. All time favourites
4. Dals and Kadhis
5. Accompaniments
6. Basic recipes

Whether you are on a diet or in general health conscious, this book helps you in reducing calories as well as bringing variety to your daily dal-chawal.

Cook and See (Samaithu par) (Part 3) by Meenakshi Ammal

The third part of these series of cookbook by Meenakshi ammal covers details about celebrating festivals and functions with 320 recipes.
Details about the sections in the book -

1. Adds more recipes to the main and miscellaneous dishes.
2. Covers Tiffin varieties, sweets and some homemade ayurvedic medicines.
3. Wedding preparation- snacks, menu details and list of items required
4. Procedure for observing festivals, vrathams and functions

An award and a Meme

Thanks PJ for this lovely award and Meme

Here is the meme part:

Where is ur cell phone : Other room
Ur hair: Black
Ur mother: RC
Ur father: RS
Ur fav food: Sweets
Ur dream last night: Playing with nieces
Ur fav drink: Lemon juice
Ur dream: Learning all Crafts
Ur hobby: Crafts, cooking, blogging
Ur fear:Dogs
Where do u want to be in 6 yrs: Anywhere
Where were u last night: Home
Where did u grow up: Mumbai
Last thing u did: Had icecream
Ur t.v: On
Ur pets: I hate pets
Ur friends: Very few
Ur life: Satisfied
Ur mood: Happy
Missing some one: Family
Vehicle: No
Something u r not wearing: Watch
Ur fav store: Nothing specific
Ur fav color: Blue
When was the last time u laughed: Some mins ago
Last time u cried: Yesterday
Ur best friend: My hubby
One place I go over and over: Malls
One person who emails me regularly: Lot of them
Fav place to eat: Sitting on the floor

Cook and See (Samaithu par) (Part 2) by Meenakshi Ammal

The second part of this series focuses on kanjis, more tiffin varieties, sweets, snacks and prepared rice varieites. Also there are curries, soups, pickles and Kerala special dishes. In all 320 recipes. (Click for Part 1 and Part 3 of this series)

Special mentions include requirements of provisions for a family, safety instructions related to LPG stoves and Tips for saving fuel.

100 Soya foods by Mallika Badrinath

This book published by Pardeep Enterprises and written by the popular South Indian cookbook writer Mallika Badrinath is related to the growing inclusion of soya in various recipes over the years. The health benefits of soya in treating common health problems cannt be denied.

The categories in this book are -

1. Tiffin varieties
2. Masala and gravy varieties
3. Deep fried snacks
4. Dry curries
5. Sambar varieties
6. Mixed rice and biriyani varieites
7. Soups
8. Chutney and salad varieties
9. Sweets
10. Cakes and biscuits
11. Other preparations

A wide variety of recipes, nutritional information about soya, how it helps in treating diseases, various soya product details, article on inclusion of soya in everyday cooking, ways to cook soya so as to prevent gas problems and indigestion--this book has it all..

Cook and See (Samaithu par) (Part 1) by Meenakshi Ammal

This is first among the series of 3 books of traditional South Indian vegetarian recipes cookbook authored by Meenakshi ammal and published by her own publication house. This book has been popular among new cooks as well as those who love South Indian food since the past 4 decades-yes the first edition was in Feb 1968. The simplicity and variety in recipes has been making it more and more popular and two other parts of the same series have also been released. In all 350 recipes in this first book. ( Part 2 and Part 3 reviews to follow)

The contents of the book are -

1. Main cookery recipes (including sambars, rasam, kootu, pachadi, thuvaiyal, curries, payaam, pickles)
2. Tiffin varieties (Pongal, idli, dosa, roti, upma, prepared rice, fried snacks, sweets)

Check out the special mention about recipes for festivals, basic cooking, hints, shopping guide. Also available in Tamil, Malayam, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.

100 Snacks Special by Mallika Badrinath

Mallika Badrinath's 100 snacks special book published by Pardeep Enterprises is for those who feel they run out of ideas when it comes to snacks-be it starters for parties or guests or just as an accompaniment to evening tea. Check out the categories-

1. Miscellaneous
2. Chinese specials
3. Kababs
4. Cutlets
5. Bonda varieties
6. Pakoda
7. Bajji varieties
8. Vadai varieties
9. Sandwich varieties

Each and every recipe tempts you to try it out and it gets real tough when it comes to selecting one of these yummy snacks for cooking.

Simple Indian food- Feel @ home

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